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Dadaux Titane 200L Bowl Cutter


The Dadaux Titane 200L is manufactured entirely from Aisi 304 Stainless Steel, and lined inside with steel plates.

The knives are manufactured in stainless steel to a thickness of 2 - 3cm, making them extremely durable and easy to clean.

The monobloc frame is built from 18-10 thick stainless steel plates, to ensure high rigidity during use, with no vibration.

The clearance between bowl and lid is down to a minimum which enables production of fine produce in a very short space of time with a minimum amount of heat produced during cutting.

The lids have a double lining and are isolated. Lids are lifted using a pneumatic cylinder, manually



* Complete stainless steel body

* High visibility waterproof buttons

* 6 Knives

* Easy to clean using hose

* Waterproof to IP67

* No vibration

* Compliant to CE standard


Technical Specifications:-

Dimensions: W2769mm x D2301mm x H12202mm

Weight: 3600kg

Power: 415v 50Hz 3 Phase

Bowl Capacity: 120Ltrs

Bowl Speed: 4/18 turns/minute (variable)

Bowl Motor Power: 2HP

Knife Speed: 1000/4000 turns/minute

Knife Motor Power: 75HP



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