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PINTRO - Meatball Rounder / Shaper


Make the most of your sausage filler with the help of this specialised and competitively priced, single phase, piece of equipment. This meatball shaper is ideal for producing a variety of PORTION controlled meatballs ready for your display counter..

PINTRO®’s meatball shaper is the appliance of choice for producing large quantities of meatballs in different shapes and sizes. You can choose smaller soup meatballs to medium and large party-sized meatballs. Changing sizes is easy and quick.

The meatball shaper can be connected to most existing sausage fillers or stuffers and can be used in combination with a hydraulic or vacuum stuffer. The Pintro is easy to use and can easily produce thousands of meatballs per hour. Maintenance is also very easy, with most parts dishwasher proof (up to 80 degrees C).

Technical Specifications:-

Overall weight: 12.5kg

Capacity: Dependent upon filler size


Size      Weight    Capacity
18mm     04gm      195kg/h
25mm     13gm      420kg/h  
30mm     20gm      320kg/h
37mm     30gm      480kg/h
42mm     40gm      650kg/h

Standard Flange Sizes 058mm, 063mm, 072mm, 085mm, if your flange differs from these standard sizes, please contact us and we can assist.

Power: 230v 13A



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