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Walk-in Coldrooms


Coldrooms are available in a wide range of dimensions, all manufactured from high quality materials and designed to optimise refrigerated storage space. Ideal for a variety of applications including: farmshops, butchery, retail outlets, fruit and veg storage, florists, dairy, maturing storehouses, ice-cream and confectionary, restaurants, hotels, canteens, hospitals, chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories...

Mini Box - ideal for small restaurants, pizza shops, foodstuff shops, greengrocers and florists etc.

Super Box - suitable for restaurants, hotels, canteens, hospitals, farmshops, chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories etc.

Hyper Box - used for farmshops, supermarkets, warehouse for foodstuff, fruit and vegetables, storehouse for frozen products, workrooms for ice-cream and confectionary, dairy industry, chemistry laboratories, maturing storehouses etc.

We can supply these walk-in coldrooms in any special size you may require. Each coldroom is built to the highest quality, comprising of:- Wall & Corner Panels - Internal and external covering in white, plastic coated, galvanised steel. Floor - Internal covering in anti-slip, plastic coated, galvanised steel or AISI 304 stainless steel.

Ceiling Panels - Internal covering in white, plastic coated, galvanised steel.

Maximum Load for trolleys with soft rubber wheels is 50kg per wheel. Static load of 2000kg per m2. Re-inforced floor available for heavier loads.

Door Options:
Supplied with a choice of Self-closing hinged door, sliding door or rubber curtain.

We can supply internal partition walls, internal shelving, hanging rails or thermic glass windows.


Technical Specifications:-

There are 6 options available for the height of the Hyperbox:-
2300mm / 2500mm / 2700mm
3100mm / 3500mm / 3900mm

Wall Panel Thickness has 3 options:-
70mm / 100mm / 150mm

Doorway Passage: W800mm x H1900mm with keylock and internal safety release (Freezer version with anti-frosting heating cable.

CFC and HCFC free polyurethane foam with density of 40/42kg m3




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