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Dadaux Silco 700 Chop Cutter


The Dadaux 700 Chop Cutter ensures good cuts of product with or without the bone.

This new innovative product is brought to the UK by sole importers J&N Food Equipment Ltd. This chop cutter is ideal for producing clean cut slices of meat. It has smooth, saw-toothed and micro saw-toothed blades to ensure a perfect cut everytime.

Its unique "stepped" continuous thrust, delivers precision slices of product dependent upon products to slice.



* All Stainless Steel body

* Utilises a heavy duty hydraulic push system to deliver product to blade

* 2 feed system stepped or continuous

* Stainless Steel construction

* Adjustable 2 knife speed 98 or 196 cuts/min


Technical Specifications:-

Overall Size: W1810mm x D808mm x H1358mm

Carriage Size: W220mm x D230mm x L700mm

Adjustable Cut thickness 0mm - 80mm (can be changed during cut)

Cuts per minute: 98 - 196

Weight: 300kg

Power: 415v 3 phase 3.75hp



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