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Dadaux Torsado Automatic Sausage Filler/Twist/Linker


This twist and link sausage filler is ideal for producing PORTIONED sausages ready for your display counter.

Programme a portion size on the user friendly touch-screen, and the computerised system will automatically produce your sausages using either natural or collogen skins.

The Dadaux Torsado fills, twists and links your sausages to the correct portion size. Being automatic, this machine enables you to save time producing your sausages to the right size with great precision, set by you in the easy to use display.

The Torsado is made entirely from high quality Stainless Steel, and is supplied with 3 different sized nozzles (14-20-30). You can programme the number of portions required as well as the number of "twists" per link (from 0 to 10 turns/twists), giving you complete control over production.

The memory on the Torsado can store up to 60 programmes, offering even more precision and speed



* All Stainless Steel Construction

* Portable on wheels and easy to move

* Stainless Steel construction

* Fully programmable

* User friendly touch screen

* Usable with Natural and Collogen casings of all sizes

* Portion size adjustable between 0 to 10,000g

* Precision on weight between (+/-5g)

* Variable twist between 1 and 10 turns

* 60 item programmable memory


Technical Specifications:-

Overall Size: 700mm x 745mm x 1046mm

32 Ltr (60lb) capacity

Output 120/130 portions per minute of 50-60g sausages

Output 200 portions per minute of 10-20g sausages

Precision on weight between (+/-5g)

Weight: 380kg

Power: 400v 3 phase with neutral

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