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Thompson 4000 Gemini with "Y" Valve


60 - 80 tons of sausage meat per week! That's right - this latest installation of the Thompson Y Valve machine can deliver up to 80 tons of sausagemeat per week. Having more than 15 years experience selling the Thompson range J&N Food Equipment have gained valuable knowledge in the production of sausages and burgers.

The Thompson 4000 and 4200 machines will deliver many years of reliability and flexibility, producing quality high end product without compromise.

The above pictures consist of 3 x Thompson 4000 machines...

The first machine is a Thompson 4000 and is the primary Grinding machine loaded by a Tote bin hoist. This machine feeds the two Thompson 4200 machines using a method called the "Y" valve. Once the 4000 Grinder has been loaded it will mince out directly into one of the 4200 machines, at this point the product is ready for seasonings and water to be added which is then mixed in by a dual action, gentle paddle system.

Whilst this process is in operation the Primary 4000 machine can be loaded again, and with a swift turn of the "Y" valve, the minced product is delivered into the second 4200, ready again for adding seasoning and water for mixing.

In parallel the first 4200 has now finished its mixing cycle and delivers its product out through a 4.5mm bone collection plate, taking away any unnecessary gristle and bone from the finished product into a 200L tote bin for further production.

While the 4200 is doing its final mince the 4000 primary machine can be re-loaded ready for the next batch, the "Y" valve is rotated again and the first 4200 machine is re-filled ready to start the process over again. One should not forget that by this time the second 4200 machine will have finished its mixing cycle and will already be mincing out through a 4.5mm bone collect plate as did machine one.

Working together in this way, these 3 machines are more than capable of producing in excess of 60 to 80 tons of sausage meat per week.



* Bowl Capacity 200 Ltr

* Length (including barrel) 1608mm

* Width (including barrel) 774mm

* Production Capacity 3000 kg/hr

* Height (including Lid) 1290mm

* Mixing (auto forward/reverse action)

* Mincing Motor 15kw (2 speed)

* Cutting head size 56


Technical Specifications:-

Voltage 415 - 3 phase

Power 32Amp

Weight: 600kg


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