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Lakidis LM400 - Mixer


A robust machine capable of mixing all types of meat products, and equipped with a 400ltr capacity hopper.

The hopper swivels/tips for ease of emptying and is designed to stop at various positions while the mixing paddle continues its operation, allowing a smaller paste volume.

The bowl rotates for easy emptying and is designed with a safety lid, where if opened, the helical mixing paddle stops immediately and the machine will not operate.

The electronic control panel is programmable for manual or automatic operation. In auto mode, there is a programme option that enables the resting of mixture according to choice of operator. The external controller is a touch screen panel.

The mixer is equipped with a stainless steel column loader for the lifting of a 200ltr standard trolley.

The control button of the machine has figures indicating each operation.


* Complete stainless steel body

* Easy to clean

* Viewing holes in lid

* Tilting bowl for emptying

* Floor standing only


Technical Specifications:-

L1900mm x W1200mm x H1600mm

Column Loader Height 2300mm

Column Loader Motor 1hp

Hopper capacity 400ltrs

Mixing Paddle Motor 10hp

Swivel Motor 1hp












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