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Gaser Practic 240 - Automatic Batter and Crumbing Machine


Automatic Batter and Crumbing Machine. This is a new product in our range with a high specification. The Practic 240 is the largest model in this range. It automatically coats batter onyo your product, then proceeds to cover it in breadcrumbs.

There are a wealth of features and specifications built into this machine, see below for details.

Can optionally be fitted with a turbine to blow breadcrumbs onto the underside.



* 3000 to 4000 pieces per hour

* Freestanding Machine with small footprint

* Speed is variable from 9 to 15m per min.

* Width - 240mm

* Automatic bread feed

* Inverter for discharging bread

* Plane output at height of 960mm

* Mounted on legs with S/S wheels

* All Stainless Steel and non-toxic plastic

* 15ltr top mounted batter tank

* Batter agitator

* 30kg top mounted breadcrumbs tank

* Dismantles for ease of cleaning

* Easy Maintenance


Technical Specifications:-

Dimensions 1990mm x 680mm x 1640mm

Voltage 240v - 50Hz single phase

Power 184W

Weight: 150kg






















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