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Talsa REA-165 Jacket Cooker


The Talsa REA-165 is made of solid stainless steel construction. It is a 165 ltr Jacketed Cooker, ideal for cooking without the need for a smoke exhaust chimney. It's rounded corners make it perfect for cleaning, to ensure its hygienically clean.

The therrmal oil chamber is standard, much better for cooking and utilises electrical heating elements inside the oil bath. The REA-165 has independent remote electrical switchboard with Aditec digital programming unit of time and temperature cooking control.

It is supplied with a fiberglass insulated base and lid, were the lid has silicone seal and locking opening steps. Features two internal safety thermostats.

The bottom drain plate is stainless steel.


* All solid stainless Steel construction

* No need for smoke exhaust chimney

* Thermal oil chamber as standard

* Electric heating element inside oil bath

* Independent remote electrical switchboard with Aditec digital programming

* Interior recipient with safe, hygenic, rounded spokes

* Fibreglass insulated base and lid

* Lid with silicone seal and locking opening steps

* Stainless Steel bottom drain plate

* Lateral hangers for rods/spindles

* Water inlet 1/2 inch screw in back at top left

* Empty valve situated at front left


Technical Specifications:-

Dimensions W800mm x D1070mm x H1040mm

Interior Square

Voltage 415 3 Phase 12A

Power 9kw

Weight 237kg

Capacity 165 ltr



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