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Thompson 4200 Mixer/Grinder


Specifically designed paddle blade angles and configurations ("smart design") maximise the product displacement and movement within corresponding mixing bowls that have been specifically contoured to accentuate the mixing action.

Within the reciprocating mixing paddle cycle, product is free tumbled from top to bottom to top and from corner to corner within the bowl to deliver a very homogeneous mix within a short time period.

Sausage mix is quickly yet gently mixed and consistently amalgamated and separated.

Outstanding build quality, extremely robust. Constructed of all stainless steel including head and worm.

Dome grid lid allows ingredients to be added whilst the machine is operating.

Low loading height, easy to clean. Very competitively priced for specification of machine.


* Safety features on the 4200 are plentiful since the machine was also developed with safety as a premium concern, conforming to the high demands of local and overseas regulations.

* The safety interlocked lid is a standard feature on all machines incorporated with a maximum stop time on the machine cycle, limiting any possibility of human interference with rotating parts.

* A safety interlocked discharge guard is also a standard feature.

* A feedscrew ejector can be built into the machine to reduce the risk in removing knives, plates and feedscrews. (The feedscrew ejector is a standard feature of the CE designed machines.)

* Standard height machines are designed for ergonomic low load heights.

* On the raised machines (built for 200 LTR bin feed and discharge) the inspection step and optional platform are safety interlocked and offered with the lid or no lid option including the inspection mirror option.

* Operator control of the Thompson 4200 machines is very straightforward and user friendly.

* From the simple 3 push button machine as a standard - to optional degrees of control:

* Variable speed dial control / Programmable pre-select speed control / or full Programmable logic control.

* Gemini SystemsThe connection of two Machines to incorporate a continuous system or process.

* Connecting a Primary Machine - Grinder or Mixer Grinder - for the Primary hole plate grind, the ground product is then fed to the Secondary machine continuously for secondary processing.

* Product transfer is achieved by a safety interlocked Gemini transfer tube.

* Operating as a continuous grind operation - 1st grind to 2nd grind (even double cut on the secondary machine), it can also be used as a continuous sausage mix line - 1st grind to secondary mix and final grind process.

* The machines can also be as easily separated in the event that two separate processing applications may be required.

* The Thompson gemini system allows a 4200 machine to be connected in tandem with multiple machines including non Thompson machines.

* The Gemini system is an ideal solution for continuous grinding of one product at high volume production.


Technical Specifications:-

Dimensions L1200mm x D770mm x H1350mm

Hopper Capacity 300 ltrs

Mix Capacity 200 ltrs

Head size 56

Production rate up to 4000kg/hr

Voltage 415  3 Phase

Power 2.2kw

Weight 770kg

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