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Welcome to our Top Selling Products page. Utilising our extensive sales database we have been able to identify our top 10, best selling products, purchased by customers and listed them below.

All our Top Selling Products are ideally suited for but not limited to Butchers', Farm Shops, Restaurants, Bakeries and food processing factories.

We hope this enables you to quickly identify a product that suits you and your business, supported in the knowledge that these are established, well known brand names.

For further information on any of the products below, simply click its image or give us a call.


AMB BE32 Table Top Mincer

An all S/Steel body with JUMBO tray and 32 mince head. It's a single phase machine, with powerful 2.5hp motor producing large output all day long.
ABM F2000 Burger Machine

A real workhorse to any business, producing up to 2000 burgers or 4000 meatballs per hour. Single phase machine with a hopper capacity of 20kg.

Mainca EC12A Sausage Filler

This 25lbs capacity, S/Steel bodied, single phase sausage filler, is a great entry level machine. Easy to control with knee lever operation and has heavy duty 1.15hp motor.
Falcon 52 Vacuum Packer

Floor standing model with single chamber, utilises its 10 pre-programmed automatic cycles to extend the shelf-life of your products and keep fresh for customers.

Thompson 900 Omega Mixer/Grinder

The powerful 4kw mixing motor delivers a perfect mix every time with its programmed automatic and reciprocating mixing cycle. Ideal for making sausage mix.
Boxer 42 Vacuum Packer

A Table Top model with small footprint and sensor control, with 10 preset automatic programmes to cater for a variety of products. Its average cycle time per
product is only 15-35 seconds.
ABM9300G Plus
Cooked Meat Slicer

User friendly controls, small foot print and single phase, making cuts up to 20mm thick. It has a top mounted blade sharpener and is low maintenance - just what
you need in a busy shop.
ABM 9300S
Parma Ham Slicer

Weighing only 35kg with small footprint, the 9300S is a great ham slicer. It's single phase (240v), and has a 12" (300mm)
easy to clean and sharpen blade.
Dadaux Torsado Twist/Linker

Our entry level Twist/Linker, packed with features enviable of higher priced machines. Automate and increase your sausage production using either Natural or
Collagen skins.
Kolbe SW100 Mincer

Floor Standing with high performance with large feed pan. Deliver's up to 950kg of product per hour, utilsing its powerful 4hp motor. Easy clean S/Steel body and small footprint.