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Are you ready for the BBQ season?

Is your machinery creaking at the seams?

At J & N Food Equipment we have just the thing - a solution to your BBQ season woes.

We have brand new Burger and Meatball machines on offer, so give us a call. Don't be let down at the start of the season, come and do a deal, you'll be surprised how much we can do!

ABM F1000 Burger Machine  


ABM F1000

J & N Food Equipment continue their journey as innovative, suppliers of NEW equipment for the food processing industry with the ABM F1000 Burger Machine.

The F1000 is the most competitively priced machine on the market today, without compromising quality for price.

ABM have packed the F1000 burger machine full of features, envied by many higher priced machines on the market. Click picture.



ABM Meatball Maker

Don't forget another BBQ classic, the meatball. Our ABM meatball rounder will work in perfect tandom with the F1000 to deliver portion controlled meatballs.

The two machines working together can produce up to 2,400 meatballs per hour - YES that's right 2,400 meatballs per hour! Click picture.


  ABM Meatball Rounder

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