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Elpress EWK 2500 - Tray Washer


The entire EKW 2500 system is constructed out of stainless steel plates & profiles, and is stood on independently adjustable feet.

The wash tunnel is accessible by means of very practical, upward folding-doors. When a door is opened during operation, the washer automatically will stop instantly.

Moving crates through the machine is conducted by a synthetic chain. The spraying arcs are populated with a large number of synthetic click nozzles.

EKW crate washers are designed for crates with a maximum dimension of 600 x 400 x 300 mm (wxdxh) larger height option is available for this model. In the main wash zone, crates are cleaned and the dirt is removed. The click nozzles are supplied with water by a powerful and energy efficient pump.

The main wash tank is filled by its own filling connection, equipped with level sensors. In the after rinse zone, the crates are rinsed with fresh water. Any residual detergent will be removed. A sensor controls the after rinse bow.

If no crates are detected the fresh water supply will remain closed.



* Energy efficient

* Easily accessible emergency STOP button

* Easily direction adjusted click- nozzles

* All Stainless Steel

* One man operation


Technical Specifications:-

Dimensions W3390mm x D1231mm x H1600mm

Power 415v 3 Phase

Max Capacity 400 crates/h

Max Tray Width 600mm

Tray Height 70mm - 300mm (400mm option available)

Water Tank Capacity 300 litres

Pump Size 5.5kw

Electrical Heating 20kw (standard)

Water Supply to Main Wash Zone 3/4 inch

Water Supply to After Rinse Zone 1/2 inch

Water Consumption 0.5 ltr per crate (approx)

Drain 3 inch




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